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Great for skills training, new hire orientations, town hall meetings, promoting DE&I and other company values.

leadership skills

Effective Communication: Perception, Reality, and Storytelling

Communication, Storytelling, Navigating Perception

Navigating Difficult Conversations at Work

communication strategies, teamwork, collaboration

The Secret to Getting Out of The Problem-Solving Rut

communication strategies, teamwork, collaboration

Dealing with Change and Uncertainty

interactive, workshop, focus

Creating Agreements vs. Living with Expectations

management, meditation, perspectives

The Most Important Leadership Skills

inspirational, unlock-potentials, goal-oriented

How to Make Work-Life Balance Work

thought-provoking, strategies, fulfilling-life

All Events Include

Don't waste another valuable minute planning exciting virtual events!

Your Designated Event Planner

Use of award-winning virtual space for entire day of booked event

Customized information posters for internal communication of upcoming event

Integrated Calendar Invitations with Simple Joining Instructions

Real-time virtual support to optimize audio and video

Try a Live Demo!

Every week, at least one event from our collections is featured for FREE. It's a great way to discover our interactive virtual spaces and meet our team!

Fast, fun, and meaningful - Give yourself an inspiration break!


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diversity, equity and inclusion

Who Needs a Spatula When You Have a Stump?

DE&I, Disabilities, Awareness

Embrace the Change: The Journey of a Non-Immigrant

emotional process, storytelling, challenges

Overcoming Adversity through the lens of Diversity & Inclusion

TEDx, true equity, inspirational

Trailblazing: Women in Leadership and Intersectionality

TEDx, women, positioning

Courageous Aging: How to Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life

self-limiting beliefs, imagination, happiness

proactive mental health

How to Shift your Mindset: Stressed to Success

Mind Shift, Success, Focus

Fall in Laugh 60

joy, laughter, therapy

De-Stress and Recharge

peace, purpose, clarity

Stress Management for the busy professional

stress management, energy, performance

Exercise and Nutrition for mental health

Mental health, exercise, nutrition

Transform Your Life with Meditation

mindfulness, good habits, practice

Deepening Self-Awareness

coaching tools, transformation, interactive

Find Your Breath: Ignite Your Fire

mediation, movement, mindfulness, inspirational

Our Thoughts Shape Our Reality

self-coach, limiting-beliefs, negativity-bias

Mental Health Leadership For Today's Professionals

leadership, managing stress, TEDx

motivating speakers

The Power Network: How the World's Most Powerful People Succeed

TEDx, communication, self-worth

The Power of Resilient Leadership

TEDx, opportunities, confidence

What Performing in Nursing Homes has Taught me about Slowing Down

TEDx, Agism, fulfilment

Conquering Fears, Building Resilience, and Skyrocketing Potential

TEDx, anxiety, inspirational

Who Do You Dream of Becoming?

TEDx, courage, new beginnings

From Elevator Pitch to Silicon Valley in 90 Days...

TEDx, opportunities, confidence




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