Find Your Breath, Ignite Your Fire


60 minutes


up to 100

mediation, movement, mindfulness, inspirational

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Get an experience that packs an emotional punch and stays with your team long after the presentation has ended. This is the perfect addition to a quarterly meeting or annual conference or gathering.

When was the last time you really felt like yourself? This question trips so many people up.

But remembering when you last felt truly at home with yourself can have a remarkable impact.

During Michelle’s interactive session, she will share her story in combination with elements of movement to embody the corresponding messages. She provides actionable takeaways to inspire participants to find happiness within themselves. Michelle will also dive into how mindfulness and meditation can help your team members to reflect on their lives and what would make them truly content. An introduction to the Breath and Fire program and tools will also be discussed in the session.

hosted by, Michelle Hillier

Michelle Hillier (B.Ed., OCT, FIS) knows what it’s like to flounder. To feel deep unhappiness, and like there are pieces of yourself missing. But she also knows what it’s like to claw your way back to the person you want to be. Combining her education with her experience, she helps people to see that it’s possible to live the lives they dream of.

Her journey has given her the gifts of insight and compassion, deepening her commitment to help others connect to their breath (their calm) and ignite their fire (their passions). From large group activations to intimate training workshops, Michelle’s gives her audiences a transformative and unforgettable event with concrete tools and messages to practice in their own lives.

In Michelle’s early career, she was a pioneer in movement education, training thousands of teachers on how to make dance and movement more accessible. During the past two years, while working on herself and reigniting her own passions, she has become a certified yoga teacher, a trauma-informed movement educator, and a meditation and social emotional instructor. She has also undergone 60 hours of recovery coach training. Michelle is a former TEDx presenter and a published author, and has appeared on podcasts and media outlets coast to coast.

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