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Replicate the magic of in-person interaction!
Great for
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Networking Sessions
  • Recognition Events 
and so much more.

Immersive Event Venues

  • 1x Event Concierge per 50 participants

  • Your designated Event Planner

  • Custom navigation instructions with video

  • Customizable virtual photo booth. Try it out!

  • Support with guest invitations and registration

  • Post-event analytics report with highlight video

Included in all events:

Hospitality & Service

Count on our help to plan a memorable event!

From invitations, registration, to in-event facilitation and more - our event planners will be your partners in creating fun and engaging events for your

Welcome to virtual hospitality!

Immersive Event Spaces

You'll be in the same 'room' as everyone else, but from home!

Your video feed acts as your avatar, and you'll move around using a mouse or keyboard (↑ ↓ → ←).

Spaces are completely customized for your group!

spatial audio

engage with people within your proximity and move around!

share your screen

everything you'd expect from a conferencing app and more.


great for presentations,
meetings and panel discussions

Amazing collaboration.

Fully SOC 2 Compliant

SSO, Passwords, and more

SSO, Passwords, and more

But don't just take our word for it...

Hear from our clients!

We've been working with Mario and Adib. They have been really skilled, knowledgeable, and fun to work with.
- Karen Collacutt, Big Blue Door

We loved that we could customize the space to best suit our business needs.
- Claire Armstrong, Canadian Tire Corporation

We really appreciate how you made it so specific to our people.
- Jeff Kaufman, Iberiabank Mortgage

Security you can trust.



Let us know your event needs & explore different immersive spaces.

Meet an Event Planner


Tell Us About Your Event Needs

Meet an Event Planner here or Submit an Event Inquiry. 


Approve Logistics and Timeline

We'll work together to build all the event details (itineraries, invitations, entertainers, etc.)


Schedule a Pre-Event Walkthrough

To ensure your requirements are all met, and to review the event itinerary.


Here ' s How to Book

Replicate the magic of “coming in” to work.

Kumospace produces virtual office environments that are designed to let your team grow and collaborate from anywhere in the world!

At GoLocal Virtual Events, Kumospace powers our immersive event venues, but also our very own Event Planning HQ!

Try your own virtual office with Kumospace - get cool discounts when you mention GoLocal Virtual Events!

Virtual Offices with Kumospace

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