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Confidence from Within: Unpacking Unconscious Bias

Confidence from Within: Unpacking Unconscious Bias

DE&I, empowerment, imposer syndrome

60 minutes

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More About This Virtual Event

Raia ‘Coach’ Carey is a firm believer that everyone is capable of greatness, and she’s made a career of empowering others to reach it.

Celebrated Coach, Media Maverick, and Manager of Culture Diversity & Inclusion at KickKids Foundation, Coach Carey is inspiring corporate wellness at Canada’s largest children’s hospital, and at every company she visits!

In every role, she is dedicated to helping her clients—from individuals to corporations—access their untapped brilliance.

Coach Carey’s passion for supporting others dates back to a childhood marked by challenges. In school, she was bullied by her classmates for her race and weight. Academically, she struggled to translate her French Immersion education into English reading and writing skills. Still, Coach Carey didn’t allow those issues to derail her. Instead, she turned inward to find the confidence to be authentically herself, foster meaningful connections, and inspire others to do the same.


There are several reasons your company could be experiencing stress-induced low performance –Whether it’s internal restructuring or virtual to hybrid transitions, [Embracing stress in the workplace] gives you the tools necessary to reduce workplace pressure while supporting your team’s transition towards a healthy mindset. These elements will organically increase productivity, creativity, and problem-solving and better equip you to handle various scenarios while maintaining a positive relationship with stress. Together, we’ll identify potential triggers and analyze how you and your team can transform stress into empowerment.  You’ll leave feeling calm, refreshed, confident and motivated to make impactful change within your workplace while keeping your team engaged.


Imposter Syndrome is a deep dive into the psychology of how imposter syndrome can show up in, and impact, daily life. Whether you’re a creative, a team member in a fast-paced work environment, or a high achiever, Coach Carey uses an interactive survey to personalize effective strategies that will combat imposter syndrome. You’ll leave with the tools you need to feel confident in your decision-making, less stressed with deadlines and open to taking leaps without the fear of failure.


This is a research-based leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion presentation. It offers tools grounded in the science of human behaviour, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology to disrupt anti-Black racism and unconscious racial bias. Participants will explore various dimensions of racism at the interpersonal, intrapersonal, institutional and systemic levels. Intro to Anti-Black Racism explores Black history in Canada, implicit intersectionality, and defines key terminology specific to the Black experience. You’ll leave with a deep understanding of the Black Canadian experience and the tools needed to work towards creating equitable, impactful workplace culture and organizational change.


Unpacking Unconscious Bias is a must-do “bootcamp” for leaders in the workplace. This presentation offers tools to explore unconscious bias within each person and how that may show up in the workplace. It contains strategies for understanding & managing biases and microaggressions, including case studies that help the audience learn how to address these situations in real-time. Coach Carey blends storytelling, market research, and interactive learning to encourage open and transparent communication where diverse opinions and contributions are valued. Your team will leave with a toolkit to manage bias, an ability to identify, manage and minimize microaggressions in the workplace, and a foundation for inclusive leadership.

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Raia “Coach” Carey

Celebrated Coach | Media Maverick
Manager of Culture, Diversity & Inclusion at SickKids Foundation

Motivated by a goal to encourage as many people as possible to create thriving lives, Coach Carey has taken her fun and empowering approach beyond individual sessions. Her words and work have reached boardrooms, international stages, and global brands. She has served as a corporate wellness facilitator for notable companies like Google, LinkedIn, H&M, and Royal Bank of Canada. She’s spoken to audiences of thousands at the Move the Dial Global Summit and Elevate Technology Festival. And she’s landed partnerships with renowned brands like Nike, DoorDash, Crest, and Intel.
With every opportunity, positive impact is Coach Carey’s greatest metric for success. Her collaboration with Smash + Tess championed LGBTQ+ inclusivity, introducing the brand’s first gender-neutral romper. She joined as the platform’s first certified life coach, promoting definitions of wellness that include mental health. At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Coach Carey offered free 15-minute coaching sessions, to make mental health support accessible for everyone. Like these projects, Coach Carey’s endeavours are always an investment in a legacy of love, inspiration, and empowerment.
When she’s not coaching, facilitating, or speaking, Coach Carey finds joy in life’s simple pleasures. She enjoys the silliness of cartoons, the peace of meditation and nature, and the company of friends and family who allow her to be her most authentic self.

Confidence from Within: Unpacking Unconscious Bias
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