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Our Commitment to Safety and Progress

We’re actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and are continually working to keep moving those who rely on our platform forward. With Go Local, we can continue spreading values and positivity while keeping our loved ones healthy and safe.


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As the events surrounding COVID-19 evolve, Go Local continues to be committed to everyone’s health, safety and wellbeing.


During the closure of our public workplaces, we have adapted all of our programs to an online delivery method. They’ve been altered particularly to ensure engagement levels are maintained in the online realm.

  • Instructors use the Zoom platform to deliver their content in the majority of cases. Wherever required, participants will use mixed methods and activities that instructors have designed that maintain engagement on fully online classes.

  • In-person training may still be organized for essential business locations, however strict conditions apply, and program selection is limited. For more details, please contact us.

  • We’ve appreciated many benefits of moving to the online world. Outside of extending our reach and scheduling efficiencies, each event is recorded and sent back to the organizers. This way, material can be reviewed, and perhaps even shared with individuals who could not participate.

  • Outside of events, our coordinators and instructors always work remotely. We connect to each other online often, however, and maintain our culture by taking turns in delivering valuable course programs we each prepare for the public!


The health and safety of our community is our priority, as much as it is everybody’s. We have made plans to gradually return training events to in-person deliveries, but those movements naturally occur in accordance with our ministry, provincial and federal governments, local health agencies, and the province’s reopening framework.


Until then, we eagerly look forward to maintaining relationships and making new connections online every day!

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