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What is GoLocal Virtual Events?

With an emphasis on hospitality, event managers plan & facilitate Immersive Virtual Events & Spaces your teams will be talking about!

We work with 100's of vendors to create spectacular spaces you'll use for games, presentations, workspaces, or even conventions that your team can enjoy from home.

Don't spend another minute planning memorable events!

Virtual Space: Networking Opportunities

Immersive Meeting & Event Spaces.

You'll be in the same 'room' as everyone else, but from home!

Your video feed acts as your avatar, and you'll move around using a mouse or keyboard (↑ ↓ → ←).

Our life-like and immersive spaces will make your event fun, engaging, and memorable!


Tell Us About Your Event Needs

Meet an Event Planner here or Submit an Event Inquiry.


Approve Logistics and Timeline

We'll work together to build all the event details (itineraries, invitations, entertainers, etc.)


Schedule a Pre-Event Walkthrough

To ensure your requirements are all met, and to review the event itinerary.


Meet the People behind the Virtual Events

Adib Shadid

Virtual Event Planner

Mario Poto

Virtual Event Planner

Roberto Lopez

Virtual Event Planner

Bernardo Santos 

Virtual Event Planner

Mariana Rojas

Virtual Event Planner

Diana Gil

Virtual Event Technician

Micah Reyes

People and Culture Manager

Trudian Bailey

People and Culture Manager

Gabriela Rodriguez

Social Media Manager

Diana Valeria Ovando

Social Media Manager

Chenguang Sun

Talent Scout

Sahar Kapdi

Talent Scout

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