Go Local's Mission

Bring people together for locally created social experiences, virtually, anywhere.


What is Go Local?


A marketplace platform for social experiences – all posted and hosted by local creators, and managed by Go Local event specialists. 

Experience Collections include PLAY, for entertainment, and INSPIRE, for keynote speakers and leadership discussions. 

Don’t waste another valuable minute planning virtual events! Go Local makes it easy so all you have to worry about is picking a date and time and your favourite experience!


Check back often! New experiences and speakers are added to our platform weekly. 



Book an experience that suits your team's

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Our Experience Instructors become your team’s social committee to support with planning, scheduling, technology, customizations and more. 



Our logo, the Purple Hotel and Heart are meant to signify the resilience and values of the hospitality industry and its professionals. 

When the 2020 pandemic struck, hotels across the globe lit up to show solidarity. Today, it reminds us of our roots, the value of a smile, and of the talents we rely on to create unforgettable experiences.

Go Local began as a collection of Hospitality and Tourism professors in Toronto. A small community certified to give a handful of training and certification options, specific to hotels and restaurants – our ex-exclusive market

However, when the pandemic drove hospitality to the brink, we were forced to pivot. Demand for regulated training and customer service enhancements came to a shrieking halt, but a new demand for virtual entertainment came in. People everywhere were looking to re-inspire the newly remote business culture and to make people happy again!


We responded by looking for hospitality professionals who had lost their jobs; servers, bartenders, managers, housekeepers, anyone who needed new ways of creating income. We offered them an opportunity to use other passion skills to create entertainment events and to share them with remote teams anywhere.

The only mandate was to pass along cheer, resilience, and/or comfort.

Within moments, we found much more than that.

Go Local became a fully rounded experience marketplace. From meditation to comedy shows, cooking, even strategic planning, and so much more – we’ve created a platform where local contributors can showcase their knowledge and talents and make themselves available to your teams.

Hospitality is in our blood, forever. With every event we manage, expect five-star service and every need catered to – before you even ask. 


About the Founders


Mario Poto


When people pursue authentic interests and share their passions, motivation is accessed at the source.

After years of teaching in a college system, you grow to appreciate the moments when students allow their motivations to come up in group discussion. There's magic there, and it reminds us that people are all already motivated. It reminds us that leadership isn't about authority, it's about inspiration. It's about making connections between daily interactions, and your team's already existing values systems.

That same spark, created in professional settings, is what transforms groups into teams. When you allow people to come together to be themselves and to do what they enjoy, the outcome is an immeasurable ROI on internal development, and retention rates to brag about.

Building a successful business starts with a successful team, and it's been my pleasure and life's work to observe successful teams do what they do best!

Adib Shadid



As a society, we are propelling towards new and decentralized share economies in more industries than just food delivery, vacation rentals and taxis. It's a value that's increasingly becoming part of our world because of its efficiency, and its flexibility in allowing contributors  to be their own bosses, make their own schedules, and still make great pay.

As a college professor, every day I'm exposed to the realities of today's (and tomorrow's) entry-level workforce. They are more intelligent, aware of global trends and filled with community values. Now, they are in pursuit of work that aligns with personal fulfillment.

Post pandemic, career satisfaction seems to have become more attached to current social benefits and “employee experiences,” and less about economic security and long-term orientation. Understanding remote work was only the beginning, now we must excel at it. Teams are still teams and friends are still friends but getting together evolved.

There's plenty of room to re-think and evolve the ways we engage, train, and even attract talent. The key lies in their values, and businesses are increasingly aware and supportive of digital intermediaries for this exact reason.