Leading Diverse Teams


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age, gender, sexuality, culture

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Today’s electronic communication capabilities make it easier for these team members to work together even when they are physically in different countries. Organizational leaders in a global setting have to possess a clear understanding of the possible impacts that this diversity can have on team and the organization as a whole.

The new workplace is beyond the four walls of the office, an office that interactions take place by word of mouth, emails, telephone conversation, and video and telephone conferencing.

Who is this experience for?

This experience is designed for leaders of teams, team members in local and multinational   companies, and managers, supervisors, and mid-level management.

The global manager today needs to be specific enough to help his team act and react in the most   appropriate ways, according to various contingencies.

Background and Premise:

In observing the beauty of diveristy, we are exposed to it's conflicts as well. Conflict occurs whenever we come across a point of view which is different from our own - and yet this is the beauty of diveristy. 

Conflict does not have to be vocalized or recognized in order to exist, it lives inside us. Conflict is also never sustained indefintiely - it either leads to peace or destruction - always. 

This Experience aims to  communicate that the way to find peace with every perspective is to look deeply into the motivations behind them. 

Experience Details:

Diverse team leaders with a   global outlook must be able to work with others, make sound decisions for the organization, effectively communicate with all members, and manage and understand behaviours — all while having a broad knowledge of the industry. 

Race, gender, and culture roles in leadership are viewed from three perspectives: 

(1) the intra-psychic, 

(2) the social structure, and 

(3) the interpersonal perspectives.

The setbacks of lacking cultural awareness can severely limit an organization’s ability to develop internationally. Consequently, individuals who possess the training and skills to work effectively with diverse groups are in high demand.

Some key factors to consider in advancing cultural awareness include:

  • Communication

  • Observation and   Sensitivity

  • Flexibility

  • Self-awareness

Appreciate the cultural differences: Culture is the foundation of values and beliefs passed down through generations. Global leaders gain more understanding the actions of team members and their business practices.

Ask intentional questions: Accept and acknowledge the fact that you are still learning. This   acceptance will help leaders gain acceptance.

Have a smiling outlook: A smile is the same in every language. This could be a good ice breaker when approaching new business territory.

hosted by, Dr. Edward Aghbai

Dr. Edward Aghbai is an author and a dedicated management consultant with backgrounds in leadership, research, change management, and engineering.

As the Director of Research with the International Institute for African Research (IIAS), He worked hard to ensure policy coherence to facilitate research projects from concept to launch and provide focus to the research interest of the institute. He also led IIAS in developing and championing the strategic road maps for regional Integration that leads to the ONE Africa initiate of the institute.

Dr. Aghbai is the Rep. Canada of the World Association for Academic Doctors Inc., an advisory board member with the African Journal for Engineering and Environmental Research and Resource Partner with Smart Alliance Consulting Services Ltd. He started his career in the year 2000 with Eni Nigerian, a major player in the oil and gas sector of the Nigerian economy and has publications including his dissertation titled “Pathways to Entrepreneurship Training Towards Addressing Youth Unemployment in Nigeria” among others.

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