The Inner Fighter


45 minutes


up to 100

kickboxing, burning-calories, self-defence

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Want to get creative with your teams? Experience how boxingwith your coworkers can inspire collectiveness, empowerment, and even creativity! Learn the right ways to throw a kick or punch – together! 

Not all of us want to be fighters, but many of us want to know how we might respond, if ever we need to defend ourselves. Show your team how unstoppable they are!

This experience will open the world of kickboxing to those looking to build the confidence to respond effectively should a situation arise. Confidence improves so many things in our lives and remove hesitation at important times. A sweet balance of fitness and self defence is struck with a kickboxing session.


The session will be interactive, and participants will learn some fun movements that allow them to move in ways they haven’t before, while improving cardiovascular function & burning calories too. 

Most people have never tried it and end up adoring it as their means of movement for fitness. This experience is for beginners and first-time boxers!

hosted by, Trish Farrell

Trish is from Waterford Ireland, she moved to Canada in 2016 to pursue a more active lifestyle. Upon landing in Canada, she immersed herself headfirst into the world of group fitness at soon-to-be-opened Cardio-Kickboxing facility in Vancouver. As part of a small team, she trained for several months to prepare to lead large high energy sessions. Her years of teaching Kickboxing led Patricia to see that her passion was for helping others facilitate great personal change through movement.

Trish is certified through the American Council on Exercise and holds certifications in Mindfulness Coaching and Life Coaching. In 2019, she returned home for a year and ran her own fitness business. While here in Canada, she has managed and coached at several well-known fitness franchises both in Vancouver and Edmonton.

Her motto is, “If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t come back.” Patricia always brings a positive energy to the room and is proud of every single member for turning up each time. Different people require different coaching styles. Her approach is to let members know exactly what they are doing right and where necessary, share a tip on form to avoid any injuries and excel quicker.

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