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90 minutes


up to 30

world wine tour, pairings, options

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"In Vino Veritas" (in wine the truth).

Allow people to slow down, experience the joy of wine and food, and authentically connect. Wine frees your group to really get to know each other on a deeper level. This experience is perfect for new teams, for celebrating closed projects, or just even an upgraded weeknight!

You will learn about wine and hear interesting stories about it, its aromas and flavours, where wine comes from, and what food they pair with – any why.

How it Works

Trent, your host, tailors the wines to the group after talking to the organizer. Choose between themes such as:

· Wines of France

· Wines to Complement Your Holiday Dinner

· World Wine Tour

Trent always determines the availability of wines before using them in any event so that availability is never an issue.

hosted by, Trent Mayers

Trent is a trained wine educator, writer, and scientist.

After completing his M.Sc. in Microbiology, he tasted with Canada's leading wine writers, earned his WSET Level 3 Wine Award with Distinction, has read more wine books and magazines than he can count, and travelled to wine regions all over the world.

Trent is ready to take you and your group on a journey though wine, creating memorable moments in the process.

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Our Experience Coordinators provide the following for ALL bookings:

  • Support with planning, customizations and invitations

  • Real-time virtual support to optimize audio and video

  • Customized posters (to help build hype internally!)

  • Simple joining and preparation instructions

  • A full recording of the experience

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