Theater of the Mind


60 - 90 minutes


up to 50

fun-time, imagination, cooperation

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Escape to another world... Soar through the sky on a dragon, save the world from destruction, slay mighty beasts, or explore mysterious forests - all without leaving your chair!

Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, these fun-filled story games are hosted by a master storyteller who makes it easy for participants to pick up and play – This experience is for EVERYONE, even for participants who’ve never tried role playing games before!

In this session, participants will be able to create a fantasy inspired character or hero who must go on a quest. Your choices, things you say, and rolls of the dice determine your fate.

This experience is great for anyone wanting their team to be entertained and experience an imaginary land ranging from a hilarious- bonkers, fun- time with co-workers to an emotionally charged memory of epic achievements.

For groups of 10 or more, your team will all share one hero together. In the Theater of the Mind, you'll exercise imagination, cooperation, and strategy to become the heroes of adventures we've always dreamed of.

Inspire creativity!

hosted by, Eric the Bald

Eric the Bald has been hosting games for over a decade. Since going online he celebrates over a hundred five-star reviews!

With years of experience as an actor, coach, storyteller, tour guide and film maker (music videos, commercials) he can bring together all his passions into one exciting event. His easy-going approach brings out the best in all the players. With theatrical style and unique comedic flare, he can captivate players for hours.

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Our Experience Coordinators provide the following for ALL bookings:

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  • Simple joining and preparation instructions

  • A full recording of the experience

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