Project Avatar: Virtual Escape Room 20


90 minutes


up to 20

teamwork, competition, visual effects

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Project Avatar are unique games that are different from everything you ever played online. They combine the best of escape room, video game, theater performance and movie.

How it works:

During the game, the team will control the actions of our Avatar (actor).

Avatar will be the player's hands, feet and eyes while the players will be the voices in the Avatar’s head.

In fact, Project Avatar is a mix of video game, movie, and escape room.

The game is accompanied by our technical team, which broadcasts live for the players.

The game is filled with additional video and sound effects.

All the above mentioned makes it possible to immerse players into the reality created by us.

Players do not need any additional software.

Everything happens on one screen in Zoom (or any other similar app).

Players have a HUD on the screen to track progress, check equipment and other necessary information.

The event is informal, so participants may order snacks and drinks.

Inside a game:

Dynamic game, simple puzzles, arthouse plot. The development of the plot depends on decisions of the players. The non-linear scenario gives participants complete freedom of action.

The mechanics of the game are designed in such a way that participants can choose which tasks or puzzles to solve and which to skip. And this will not affect the game in general.

The goal of the participants is to collect as many game points as possible. So during the game they have to explore the game area together with the Avatar and collect colorful items that can be anywhere around.

?  - An additional element to bring excitement and involve participants into joint work.

During the game, participants have to decide whether they want to open boxes or doors with a question mark. There may be a trap inside and players may lose one life, or there may be a reward, for example a large number of colorful items.

Since the team has quite a lot of tasks to be done, each participant may choose the task they like.


You start at the pawn shop.

Avatar's half-human half-duck best friend Utya Duck is the traveler across realities.

Unfortunately, he got stuck in an alternate reality due to the malfunction of his plane.

He just cannot get home without repairing it.

To reach his reality safely, Utya Duck needs to fix the aircraft by collecting artifacts from a pawn shop of Chickman, who does not like anyone around his property.

Utya Duck cannot do this by himself because he has a deeply-rooted panic fear of chickens, so he calls his friend Avatar to the rescue.

Avatar has to collect artifacts for the plane from a danger-filled pawn shop and save his friend.

hosted by, Nataliya Tarkhanova

Hello from Lviv! Creators and hosts, Nataliya and her team are professional game creators, actors and videomakers.

“We have been creating escape games since 2014. In order to give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the reality we created, we erased the boundaries between real and virtual. And we continue to surprise our fans! What can we offer you besides an incredible number of positive emotions?”
This experience will knock your socks off! Visually stimulating, unique and creative – Be prepared for emotions!

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