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Masquerade & Murder: The Ghosts of Our Past

murder mystery, competition, role-playing

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Masquerade & Murder: The Ghosts of Our Past

murder mystery, competition, role-playing

60 minutes




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Eric the Bald

Eric the Bald has been hosting games for over a decade. Since going online he celebrates over a hundred five-star reviews!

With years of experience as an actor, coach, storyteller, tour guide and film maker (music videos, commercials) he can bring together all his passions into one exciting event. His easy-going approach brings out the best in all the players. With theatrical style and unique comedic flare, he can captivate players for hours.


More About Experience

Role play and work together as a team in this murder mystery!

In the grand ballroom of Retribution Manor, costumed guests are gossiping at a masquerade party! Each player will have a script and a role to play. The goal: find the killer.

Participants are split into groups and asked to interrogate suspects in real-time and cross-examining suspects and their alibis with over 3 rounds of live interaction. Finally, participants will submit their best guess for both the Murderer and the Motive.

Who will be proven innocent? Who will be found guilty? Will the murderer be brought to justice? Only you can decide!

Background and Premise:

Everyone wants to know: 

“Who invited us here?” 

“Who assigned us our mask colors?” 

“Who would throw such a lavish party in a haunted house?” 

No one has answers — they only know that they were instructed to be here, or their secrets would be revealed to the world!!!

One by one, they are called to the study to meet with the unknown host. After each meeting, a subdued guest shuffles out, muttering that “somebody should kill that guy!” The party continues with guests sullenly milling about and waiting for the host’s next ugly surprise.

The clock strikes midnight. On the twelfth chime, the study door flies open and a man cloaked in black stumbles out. “One of you did this! One of you—” He gasps and falls to the ground, dead, with a knife protruding from his back. His mask falls too, revealing the face of Ispil DeBeens, local historian and investigative reporter.

A cold wind blows through the room; the doors slam and lock shut. Howling is heard from every corner. The guests are trapped here with the ghosts that infest the manor! They stare at each other, wondering which of them had a secret so precious that it led to murder. 

YOU are one of those guests! DID YOU DO IT??!!

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Our virtual spaces are fun, very interactive, and completely customizable! They're so realistic, you'll forget it was a virtual event! If you have a sec, join a demo room now by clicking the link below. You have to see it to believe it!

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