A Valentine Murder Cruise


60 minutes


up to 30

murder mystery, interactive, festive

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Role play and work together as a team in this murder mystery!

In this murder mystery, your team will be transported to the dining room of an imaginary cruise liner. Each player is   given a script and a role to play. The goal: find the killer.

Everything is going wrong on the “Valentine in Venice” harbor cruise aboard the Love Bucket.

First, the water is unusually choppy, so people are feeling queasy. Second, the package deal, priced at $9.99 per couple, went viral as “The Cheapest Date Ever,” stirring up worldwide ridicule.

Accordingly, most of the guests canceled their reservations and found other, less embarrassing dates, leaving the dining room half empty.

To top things off, the band begins their sappy Italian love songs. Among the diners is Payton Bookem, the slick agent for tonight’s dollar-store musicians. Suddenly, he takes a nosedive into his soup! He’s dead.

Who killed Payton Bookem?!

Was it one of Payton’s clients, the shrill and bombastic soprano and tenor? Was it his ex-girlfriend, who just happened to show up with her new arm candy? Was it a member of one of the few couples that braved the sea sickening, cut-rate evening?

It could even have been—YOU!

hosted by, Dylan Gott

Dylan Gott is a stand-up comedian that has performed in 21 countries across the globe, been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award, appeared on Comedy Central and Viceland UK and had his own televised special on iChannel called No Kidding and hosted his own radio show on SiriusXM Radio 'The Sport Brahs'.

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