Smarter than your Boss


60 minutes


up to 30

competition, teamwork, outshine

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Are you smarter than your boss?

Do you have what it takes to prove it?

The Smarter Than Your Boss game show is THE  company team building experience for those who want to prove their knowledge to the big wigs.

Whether it be questions about your company, or our “general knowledge” questions, our frenzied game show will have your participants in a whirlwind of excitement. Categories include: history, geography, arts & entertainment, science and nature, and pop culture.

How the game works:

The boss takes a “quiz” in advance (distributed upon booking). Several teams then compete by answering the same questions, one by one. The team that gets the highest scores move on to compete in a final round against the boss(es) in real time, with a new, rapid-fire, quiz.

This is one game show you don’t want to miss!

hosted by, Honey Lee

Honey Lee (@misshoneylee) went from being a veteran international event planner and host, to too damn funny not to be a comedian. She sings, dances (a k-pop back-up dancer in the 90s, did we mention she’s old), and she’s your above average (self-proclaimed) Korean-American all-star who brings bags of wit, sass, shits and giggles to the stage. She often times brings kimchi too.

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Our Experience Coordinators provide the following for ALL bookings:

  • Support with planning, customizations and invitations

  • Real-time virtual support to optimize audio and video

  • Customized posters (to help build hype internally!)

  • Simple joining and preparation instructions

  • A full recording of the experience

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