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There Is No Charge For Teams And Groups To Use Our Services. Ever.

How do we do it? It's simple! We work behind the scenes to ensure your event needs are met seamlessly, and our profit comes from a small fee collected from the invoice you pay to your chosen event host.

Our priority is your satisfaction and success, and by aligning our incentives with yours, we ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Trending Events

Overcoming Adversity through the lens of Diversity & Inclusion

Overcoming Adversity through the lens of Diversity & Inclusion

TEDx, true equity, inspirational

Steak and Shrimp Tacos

Steak and Shrimp Tacos

cooking, chef tips, healthy

Masquerade & Murder: The Ghosts of Our Past

Masquerade & Murder: The Ghosts of Our Past

murder mystery, competition, role-playing

Wine Journeys: A Wine Tasting Experience

Wine Journeys: A Wine Tasting Experience

world wine tour, pairings, options

Project Avatar: Virtual Escape Room 20

Project Avatar: Virtual Escape Room 20

teamwork, competition, visual effects

Theater of the Mind

Theater of the Mind

fun-time, imagination, cooperation

What Our Clients Say About Us

Big Blue Door Membership and Virtual Workspace Logo

Karen Collacutt, from Big Blue Door Membership and Virtual Workspace

​"We've been working with Mario and Adib to create our new Big Blue Door Virtual CoWorking Space. They have been really skilled, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. They have done a great job following up and keeping us in the loop."

Heidi Roose, from DHL

"I wanted to take a moment to share my overwhelmingly positive experience with Kumospace and the event planning team at Go Local Virtual. Kumospace truly exceeded my expectations in every way. It provided a cost-effective solution that, quite frankly, felt like a breath of fresh air in the world of virtual communication. The platform's unique and innovative design allowed us to engage with one another in a creative and interactive space that felt almost like an in-person gathering. It brought a level of excitement and engagement that was missing from other virtual platforms. Furthermore, I cannot say enough about the exceptional service provided by Go Local Virtual. They were not just event planners; they were partners in creating a memorable experience. Their punctuality, efficiency, and unwavering support were nothing short of outstanding. I would wholeheartedly rate their service as 5-star, and I genuinely felt like a valued client throughout the entire process. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my Kumospace experience and the collaboration with Go Local Virtual. Thank you for delivering an exceptional event that left a lasting positive impression. I look forward to future opportunities to engage with these fantastic teams."

Las Manos En Holistic Studio Toronto

Raheema Allana, from Las Manos En Holistic Studio Toronto

"GoLocal has amazing, interactive virtual events that are hosted on an awesome platform which has the right mix of visual appeal and functionality. There is an array of different types of events to choose from. The platform also has a gamification and design twist to it, which makes the entire experience a "one of a kind experience". Definitely worth the experience!!!"

Sue, from American Income Life - Ottawa, ON

​“Nipun is amazing! We’re so looking forward to our Meditation Mondays with him, thank you so much for coordinating a special rate for our sales team.”

Jeff, from Iberia Bank Mortgage – Tampa, FL

“The perspectives on customer service were so unique and interesting. We really appreciate how you made it so specific to our people.”

Shadya, from Global Universities Systems – Toronto, ON

“These mobility exercises were just what our office needed. I have a feeling we’ll steal some of the staple routines Lucas mentioned for our Monday meetings.”

Scott, from Mercedes Benz AG – Calgary, AB

“Shout out to Aaron! We were so impressed by our very own signature cocktail, and the bottle tricks were fun to watch. Seemed like a really personal way to end the week. We’ll definitely do this again.”

Sophia, from Beard Winter LLP – Toronto, ON

​“Everyone was raving about the class, they loved it, had so much fun and learned a couple new tips and tricks. I am so happy we were able to set this up. We’ll do it again at the end of summer!"

Kyle, from Salesforce – Toronto, ON

“Pure fun. Delicious food. Marianne should be on TV!”

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