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120 minutes


up to 100

live-piano, virtual venue rental, bespoke

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Complete with Virtual Venue, invitations, virtual drinks and snacks, and entertainment, this experience is designed for groups looking to meet virtually and need a drastic “Zoom” Upgrade.

Perfect for Town Hall meetings, Product launches, New-hire onboarding.

Enrich the atmosphere of your social event with live piano playing, either as background music or in a concert setting. Nicholas will curate a playlist of piano pieces that add to, rather than distract, from your event.

Send in song requests ahead of time for a tailored experience. Interactive activities can include:

1. Guess the song with the first few notes (Pop music & Broadway editions)

2. Play by ear (Name a song, Nicholas will listen to it live, and do his best to play it by ear... mistakes are made with plenty of laughs and a good time had by all!)

3. Dare him and he might play the piano upside down!

4. Sing along (send in a list ahead of time and Nicholas will coordinate lyric sheets for a sing-along experience)

hosted by, Nicholas Arnold

Nicholas is trained in the Royal Conservatory of Music.

He began playing piano at the age of 4. He has performed on stages across North America. Over the course of the pandemic, he gained traction on TikTok with his piano playing and karaoke tracks in which people from all around the world sing along to his videos.

You can find him at @pianoplayingwriter

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Our Experience Coordinators provide the following for ALL bookings:

  • Support with planning, customizations and invitations

  • Real-time virtual support to optimize audio and video

  • Customized posters (to help build hype internally!)

  • Simple joining and preparation instructions

  • A full recording of the experience

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