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Overcoming Adversity through the lens of Diversity & Inclusion

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Steak and Shrimp Tacos

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Masquerade & Murder: The Ghosts of Our Past

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Wine Journeys: A Wine Tasting Experience

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Project Avatar: Virtual Escape Room 20

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Theater of the Mind

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Pasta, Cocktails, Jokes and Music

Worldwide cuisine, Cocktails, Jokes and Music

90 minutes

up to 50


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Michael Botula

Mike is an American living in Rome, Italy since 2003. Married to an Italian, I Graduated from The American University of Rome. Working as a tour guide in and around Rome. He has a passion for music, cooking, history, travel, and adventure. Laughter is the key ingredient to a fulfilling life and humor is a big part of what we bring to every experience.
Sonia is Mike's neighbor; she is from Brazil and is a world-class chef who married an Italian and started her family here in Rome.


More About Experience

This is not your typical Grandma's Secret sauce.

What do you get when an American and a Brazilian become neighbors in Rome?

You get a wild and fun-filled cooking class, with, not only Italian cuisine, but world cuisine and cocktails. This is food with flair.

It is fun and funny with Live music, dad jokes, and exotic drinks.

We will teach you how to make "pasta fatta in casa" handmade pasta, we will make, cook and eat all together as well as discover traditional cocktails.

We keep it simple, like the ancient Romans. Traditional recipes with a twist, easy to prepare, and tasty for all.

So come on in, sit up at the table and join us, as we make new friends from all around the world, have a laugh, and sing over food and drinks. Everyone is welcome.

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Nothing kills a party mood like the chime of joining a traditional conference call. 

Our virtual spaces are fun, very interactive, and completely customizable! They're so realistic, you'll forget it was a virtual event! If you have a sec, join a demo room now by clicking the link below. You have to see it to believe it!

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