How to Lead as a First-time Supervisor


120 minutes


up to 20

graduates, new hires, junior management

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Now, how do you:

1. Lead when you were a peer yesterday?

a. To become aligned with your supervisor?

b. Be friendly, not friends?

c. Discipline, what's that?

2. Say what you mean.

a. Communicate with anyone, any behavior style

b. Communicate under pressure

Your host, Dr. Brian, helps business owners, employees, and individuals optimize productivity and profits by ensuring they maximize strengths in the inner game and outer game of health and daily performance.

Dr, Brian uses humor to create strategic moments to help audiences integrate and change.

hosted by, Brian Grossman

Dr. Brian is a charismatic speaker known for high energy and interactive presentations to CEOs, business owners, and busy professionals. His first professional speech was at age 16, in front of 1200 people; Experiences include leading multi-office motivation practice, and working at maximum-security prison, and he has given over 1,500 seminars and 100’s keynote speeches, helping his clients integrate changes in health, confidence and business skills. Today he coaches and speaks to audiences worldwide.

He is the author of “Learning to Listen: Did You Hear What I Think I Said?”

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