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Title: Virtual Team Building Adventure - Under Surveillance

Date & Time: Thurs, May 19th @ 2pm EST

Host: Julie Pugsley

Tags: escape room, problem-solving, mystery


Title: Find Your Breath: Ignite Your Fire

Date & Time: May 26 @ 2pm EST

Host: Michelle Hillier

Tags: mediation, movement, mindfulness, inspirational


Title: Wisdom from the Happiness Hall of Fame

Date & Time: June 2 @ 2pm EST

Host: Mike Duffy

Tags: manifestation, compassion, recognition

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Title: The Inner Fighter

Date & Time: June 9 @ 2pm EST

Host: Patricia

Tags: kickboxing, burning-calories, self-defence


Title: Movement & Dance: Tapping into Confidence and Inspiration

Date & Time: June 16 @ 2pm EST

Host: Gustavo

Tags: empowering, body-coordination, breath-work


Title: Leading Organizational Change

Date & Time: June 23 @ 2pm EST

Host: Dr. Edward Aghabi

Tags: leadership, vision, support