Go Laugh. Go Play. Go Local.

Local Experiences, exclusively for students at Toronto School of Management

(Solo Ticket) Campus Comedy Show
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17th @ 6:00 pm $15 per screen

a. With three televised Galas and over fifteen years touring across Canada, US, Australia and throughout UK/Europe, Christophe Davidson is here to share his show! We all have our stories, but when we meet, we put those stories aside to share a common goal. That is to laugh. Gain inside jokes with colleagues and see your boss outside of a work environment!

b. Hosted by Christophe Davidson, Comedian (Just for Laughs 2019, Winnipeg Comedy Festival 2018-19)


(Solo Ticket) Inside Leadership and Teamwork           

a. This powerful motivator starts off with a short story of Steve’s experience enlisting in the army at the age of 19. The fears, the uncomfortableness and lack of belonging he felt is something that everyone can relate to when starting a new job or chapter of life. The transitions and emotions we all go through have so much in common. The goal here is to master those feelings and keep you on track for success in your new journeys!

b. Hosted by Steve Mercer, CD, of the Canadian Military Forces

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(Solo Ticket) I am Unstoppable: Self Defense

a. When assailants attack, they do it for one of two reasons. The first reason is that they think they can. The second reason is that the victim represents an opportunity. This is unacceptable. The goal of this course is to pass on the knowledge and tools required for a everyone to save themselves. Just don’t forget to S-I-N-G!

b. Hosted by Shayne Kumar, Black Belt Martial Artist

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(Solo Ticket) Drama at the Drag Brunch! A Murder Mystery

a. It's showtime at Fortune Fanny's, the hottest (and only) Drag Brunch and Bingo on Long Island. The gals are all a busy fingering their feathers, dusting on glitter - and gagging over two dead bodies! There lay the Sequin Sisters who started their act with a death drop unlike any queen has ever seen. Play along with “Casey Closed” the Drag Detective (Ginger Minj from RuPaul’s Drag Race) to catch the killer!

b. Hosted by Richard Veltri, Comedian (Second City, Absolute Comedy, Yuk Yuk’s)

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