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Great for team-building events, coffee hours, birthday celebrations, and more

murder mysteries and escape rooms

Masquerade & Murder: The Ghosts of Our Past

murder mystery, competition, role-playing

Project Avatar: Virtual Escape Room 20

teamwork, competition, visual effects

Secret of the Mystery Hotel

escape room, human avatars, actors

Drama at Drag Brunch!

LGBTQ+, comedy, murder mystery

Virtual Space: Games and Competitions

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Fast, fun, and meaningful - Give yourself an inspiration break!


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Approve Logistics and Timeline

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it's happy hour somewhere

Bring Your Own Bottle Wine Tasting Adventure

Wine Tasting, Engagement, Taste, Discovery

Mezcal & Tequila Cocktail Masterclass

Cocktails, sensory journey, craft

Seasonal Cocktail Creations

holiday cocktails, layering flavors, bartenders

Claire’s Cocktails Etc.

cocktails, spirits and beyond

How To Make Every Cocktail in the World

Mixology, enthusiasm, cocktails

Wine Journeys: A Wine Tasting Experience

world wine tour, pairings, options

gourmet cooking classes

Tea Tasting with a Tea Sommelier

Tea, Cheese, Coffee, Cocktails, Beverage, Herbs, Food pairing, Tea tasting, Taste

The World of Specialty Coffee

coffee lovers, quality coffee, Colombian Coffee, coffee production, coffee recipe

Chocolate Pizza Making

team building, baking, unique

Making Butter Masala Curry with a Dancing Chef

Cooking, Indian, Dancing

Chocolate Tales: A Chocolate Making Experience

team building, cooking, fun, entertaining

Simple and Delicious Vegan Dishes with Stump Kitchen!

Vegan, DE&I, Inspiration

Pasta, Cocktails, Jokes and Music

Worldwide cuisine, Cocktails, Jokes and Music

Spiced Meat and Nutty Hummus

Lebanese, vegetarian options included

The One-and-Only Hummus!

Lebanese, superfood, icon

We Do Brunch!

pancakes, bubbles, delicious

Introduction to Culinary Cannabis

extraction, edible, bake cookies

Steak and Shrimp Tacos

cooking, chef tips, healthy

Making Sushi

class kits, demonstration, interactive

Smash Burgers!

cooking, chef tips, best burgers

enriching workshops

Your Story, Well Told: Storytelling Skill Development Workshop

Storytelling, Writing, Improv

Unlocking Minds through Stories: Neuro-backed Keynote

Storytelling, Neuroscience, Narrative

Ad Libz: Improv Games

Improv, game series, funny

Decoding the Mysteries of Cats

Feline, Psychology, Animal care

My Dog, My Healer

furry friends, stress reduction, quality of life.

Dare to Dream: Create a Bucket List and Unlock Limitless Possibilities

empower, bucket list, awe-inspiring realities, dreams, setting goals

Oneirology: The Art and Science of Reading Dreams

Meditation, Balance Emotions, Increase Joy

Astrology and Tarot Readings

Astrology, Tarot Reading, Energy Work

Fall in Laugh 30

joy, laughter, therapy

Master Improvisation with an Improv Master

Improvisation, team building, imagination

mYOUsical - The Improvised, Personalized Musical

Broadway musical, team building, personalize songs

Skits N' Giggles

Improv, sketch comedy, real skills

role playing games

comedians and magic shows

Joy to The Team - A Virtual Magic Show and Lesson

Magic Show, Family-fun, Team Building

Stand-up Comedy Show

Entertainment, performance, work-friendly

Magic and Scams for Honest People

unique moment, magic, and scam experience

Mega Magic, by Mike D’Urzo

award-winning, as seen on Mega Magic

Three Women and (Definitely) No Baby!

standup comedy, women, interactive

The Cracked Egg Comedy Show

standup comedy, LGBTQ+

Vik Pandya: A Comedy Show!

award winning, stand-up comedy

Try Not To Laugh

stand-up comedy, music, magic

Virtual Magic for Grown-ups

large groups, mentalism, celebration

illusionists and magicians

virtual tour guides

Discover Buenos Aires' Street Art & Sketch with a Specialist

Tour, Sightseeing, Art, Sketch

Explore Jaipur - The Royal City of India

adventure, storytelling, Indian culture

Live Wildlife Safari - Nairobi National Park

animals, natural habitat, wildlife, national park, game drive, safari, adventure.

Pompeii with an Archeologist

Roman, Amphitheater, Thermapolium

The Streets of Edinburgh: Virtual City Tour

Scottish history, folklore, sightseeing

Harry Potter Magic in Edinburgh: A Virtual City Tour

Hogwarts House, Harry Potter, trivia competition

Edinburgh's Ghosts, Murderers & Monsters: Virtual City Tour

Urban legends, ghosts of Edinburgh Castle

creative activities

Improv Fun & Games with an Emmy TV Show Host

Improv, Comedy, Breakout exercises, Games

Create a Doodle Art Greeting Card with an Artist

Doodle, Celebration, Holidays, Sketch

Movie Night Trivia

Cinema, Themes, Competition

Get Creative with Interactive Street Art

Culture, Artwork, Storytelling

The Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Race, Appreciation, Feel-good

Battle It Out: The Iconic Game Challenge

Tournament, Holiday Themes, Competition

The Ultimate Internet Game Night

Game night, Charades, Party

Virtual Photo Booth

team cohesion, virtual experiences, entertainment

How to Paint with Red Wine

painting, red wine, masterpiece

How to Draw a Cartoon Head

tips and tricks, facial expressions, skills

Theater of the Mind

fun-time, imagination, cooperation

fitness and wellness

Yoga, Movement, & Meditation

Bikram yoga, posture, mind and body

'Back' in Action: Unleashing Corporate Wellness

Back pain, holistic, lifestyle

The Magic of Bollywood

dance, trivia, culture

Sip, Sketch & Stretch

Art, Yoga, Unwind

Stop Exercising the Way you are Doing it Now!

Weight, diet, exercise

Activating Abundance and Prosperity

manifestation, meditation

Stationary Gymnastics

mobility, WFH fatigue physiotherapy

Latin Funk Dance & Spanish Class

energize, inspire, funky groove

The Inner Fighter

kickboxing, burning-calories, self-defence

Detox/Retox Zumba Yoga

dance, fitness, yoga

Stress-Less at Your Desk

upbeat, fast paced, reflexology

Movement & Dance: Tapping into Confidence and Inspiration

empowering, body-coordination, breath-work

multi-game events

Summer Fun & Games

challenges, upbeat, bragging rights

Your Favorite Game Shows!

Nostalgia, competitive, teams

Trivia with a Twist

Themes, comfortable, social

The Oregon Trails Game Event

Nostalgia, decision-making, storytelling

Pride Game Event

LGBTQ+, party games, culture

Gratitude Games & Grins

Recognition, community, energy

Energetic Games & Engagement

Active, high-octane, competition

Creative Fun & Games

5-in-1, problem solving, household items

Colleagues, Connections & Fun!

Ice-breakers, hilarious, mini-games

Bingo and Beyond!

Competition, themed rounds, musical

Beats & Bingo

Musical, competition, mini-games

AAPI Heritage Trivia & Games!

Mini-Games, icons, DE&I

culinary shows, with goodfood meal kits

Brunch Recipes

meal kits, sweet n’ savoury

Family Recipes

meal kits, 4 – 6 servings

Easy Prep Recipes

meal kits, under 30 minutes

Keto/Paleo Recipes

meal kits, carb-wise, quick

Vegetarian Recipes

meal kits, vegetarian, vegan

Classic Recipes

meal kits, 60 minutes

great for kids

Make a Child Star Chef! A Cooking Class

adventure, recipes, cultural

Fun with Web Design

websites, logos, young entrepeneurs

Creative Writing for College and University

storytelling, challenges, imagination

Becoming an Influencer

trendsetting, broadcasting, social media

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