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Great for team-building events, coffee hours, birthday celebrations, and more.

your creative side

Pasta, Cocktails, Jokes and Music

Worldwide cuisine, Cocktails, Jokes and Music

Claire’s Cocktails Etc.

cocktails, spirits and beyond

How To Make Every Cocktail in the World

Mixology, enthusiasm, cocktails

How to Paint with Red Wine

painting, red wine, masterpiece

Master Improvisation with an Improv Master

Improvisation, team building, imagination

Spiced Meat and Nutty Hummus

Lebanese, vegetarian options included

The One-and-Only Hummus!

Lebanese, superfood, icon

We Do Brunch!

pancakes, bubbles, delicious

Introduction to Culinary Cannabis

extraction, edible, bake cookies

Steak and Shrimp Tacos

cooking, chef tips, healthy


competition, culinary, creativity

Making Sushi

class kits, demonstration, interactive

TRY THIS AT HOME: Virtual Magic 30

magic, interactive, mentalist

Skits N' Giggles

Improv, sketch comedy, real skills

Flare N' Flavour

mixology tips, flare demonstartions, recipes, fun

TRY THIS AT HOME: Virtual Magic 55

magic, interactive, mentalist

The Art of Team-Building

interactive, stroke by stroke instruction

Drinking & Dragons

imagination, creativity, storytelling

Smash Burgers!

cooking, chef tips, best burgers

Virtual Magic for Grown-ups

large groups, mentalism, celebration

Wine Journeys: A Wine Tasting Experience

world wine tour, pairings, options

Bring Magic Home

thought-provoking, funny, celebration

Theater of the Mind

fun-time, imagination, cooperation

Maple Glazed Rainbow Trout

private chef, breakfast pig, local eats

All Events Include

Don't waste another valuable minute planning exciting virtual events!

Your Designated Event Planner

Use of award-winning virtual space for entire day of booked event

Customized information posters for internal communication

Integrated Calendar Invitations with Simple Joining Instructions

Real-time virtual support to optimize audio and video

Try a Live Demo!

Every week, at least one event from our collections is featured for FREE. It's a great way to discover our interactive virtual spaces and meet our team!

Fast, fun, and meaningful - Give yourself an inspiration break!


Here ' s How to Book


mYOUsical - The Improvised, Personalized Musical

Broadway musical, team building, personalize songs

Stand-up Comedy Show

Entertainment, performance, work-friendly

Magic and Scams for Honest People

unique moment, magic, and scam experience

Mega Magic, by Mike D’Urzo

award-winning, as seen on Mega Magic

Wisdom from The Happiness Hall of Fame

manifestation, compassion, recognition

Three Women and (Definitely) No Baby!

standup comedy, women, interactive

The Cracked Egg Comedy Show

standup comedy, LGBTQ+

The Rag Bag Cabaret Show

bilingual, 18+, dance, music

The Rash Comedy Bash

bilingual, comedy, variety

Vik Pandya: A Comedy Show!

award winning, stand-up comedy

A Late Night Comedy

standup comedy, 18+, special guests

Piano Playing for your Social Event

live-piano, virtual venue rental, bespoke

Try Not To Laugh

stand-up comedy, music, magic

The Professional Roast of...

comedy, shared experiences, custom

Sofa Laughs

standup comedy, interactive

trivia and game shows

Masquerade & Murder: The Ghosts of Our Past

murder mystery, competition, role-playing

Project Avatar: Virtual Escape Room 50

teamwork, competition, visual effects

Coworker Feud

competition, funny, customizable

Spin of Fortune

competition, cozy, customizable

Team Trivia

brain teasers, personal, teamwork

Project Avatar: Virtual Escape Room 20

teamwork, competition, visual effects

Secret of the Mystery Hotel

escape room, human avatars, actors

Drama at Drag Brunch!

LGBTQ+, comedy, murder mystery


Embrace the Change: The Journey of a Non-Immigrant

emotional process, storytelling, challenges

De-Stress and Recharge

peace, purpose, clarity

Navigating Difficult Conversations at Work

communication strategies, teamwork, collaboration

The Secret to Getting Out of The Problem-Solving Rut

communication strategies, teamwork, collaboration

Exercise and Nutrition for mental health

Mental health, exercise, nutrition

Activating Abundance and Prosperity

manifestation, meditation

Stationary Gymnastics

mobility, WFH fatigue physiotherapy

Seven (7) Ways to be Happier

happiness-plan, purposeful, thought-patterns

Latin Funk Dance & Spanish Class

energize, inspire, funky groove

Clear Your Headspace: Meditation

zen, breathing exercises, mind

The Anxiety Crisis: How to Avoid Being a Statistic of America's Latest Epidemic

desired-outcome, techniques, interactive

The Inner Fighter

kickboxing, burning-calories, self-defence

Rapid Results

weightloss, WFH tips health

Detox/Retox Zumba Yoga

dance, fitness, yoga

Stress-Less at Your Desk

upbeat, fast paced, reflexology

Movement & Dance: Tapping into Confidence and Inspiration

empowering, body-coordination, breath-work




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