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Virtual Space

Be in the same space as everyone else!

Our immersive event spaces will make your next event fun, engaging and life-like.

Tell us about your event needs, and allow us to walk you through different set-up options!

Let’s Plan Your Virtual Event!

We’ll Help You:

Two Ways to Get in Touch

Your video feed acts as your avatar, and you'll move around using a mouse or keyboard (↑ ↓ → ←).

Our life-like and immersive spaces will make your event fun, engaging, and memorable!

You'll be in the same 'room' as everyone else, but from home!

Virtual Space

Facilitate your event from start to finish

Design and customize your immersive meeting space

Plan memorable activities your teams will love

Manage your guest list and send event invitations

Prep with pre-event walkthroughs with all your presenters and coordinators

and much more!

Immersive Event Spaces

Get Inspired!

Virtual Space: Town Halls

Get Inspired!

Make your meeting memorable!

Impress your teams at your next recognition event, brand presentation, company update or CEO's address. 

Really bring your people together, and make it engaging, organized and effortless.

Town Halls

Virtual Space: Conventions

Get Inspired!

The closest thing to being there in-person!

Job fairs, trade shows, and conferences come to life when your guests can move around and interact with individual stations.

Your booths are customized with uniquelogos, links, and decorations!


Virtual Space: Networking Opportunities

Get Inspired!

Foster real connections in your life-like meeting space.

Include working elements like breakout tables, shared screens, and timers.

Let us make your virtual space inspiring and functional.

Networking Opportunities

Virtual Space: Games and Competitions

Get Inspired!

You guests will immediately identify with the playful atmospheres.

Make your next team builder a fun improv workshop, game show, happy hour, trivia night.. activity options are endless.

But make it fun - by making it real.

This is not another online "work thing"

Games and Competitions

Virtual Spaces: Training and Workshops

Get Inspired!

Have your next onboarding in a space that's as exciting as your organizational values.

Ops training is more memorable when your participants are occupying a 'real' seat, instead of idly taking notes.

Stimulate your team to engage and participate in an inspiring classroom setting.

Training and Workshops

Virtual Space: Seasonal Parties

Get Inspired!

Sometimes we need to get together just to get together.

Create an inclusive environment where your company can celebrate together no matter where they are in the world.

You don't want it to feel forced, you want it to feel spectacular!

Seasonal Parties


Tell Us About Your Event Needs

Meet an Event Planner here or Submit an Event Inquiry.


Approve Logistics and Timeline

We'll submit event details for approval (custom information cards, catering details, entertainers, etc.)


Schedule a Pre-Event Walkthrough

To ensure your requirements are all met, and to review the event itinerary.

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