What Performing in Nursing Homes has Taught me about Slowing Down


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As seen on TEDx, Nicholas shares his story and the lessons learned on the retirement-home entertainment circuit. How does our collective relationship with our elders affect our views on aging, ego, and success?

In his early twenties, Nicholas cut his teeth as a comedian by performing his impersonation of the late comedian, Jerry Lewis, in retirement homes and long-term care in the Greater Toronto Area. The experience shed light on how we view aging in Western society and how his own ego was fuelling impatience with his career.

Over a number of years of failed performances and struggles trying to make it in the entertainment industry, Nicholas discovered his own answers to these questions.

This talk is ideal for wellness themes around creativity, slowing down, caring for our elders, and measuring success. It can also be tailored for young performers/drama classrooms to help students gain perspective on "fame" and "success" in their work. 60 minutes allows for candid discussion after the approx 40-minute talk.

hosted by, Nicholas Arnold

Nicholas Arnold is an accomplished filmmaker, actor, and physical comedian.

He cut his teeth as an entertainer in his early twenties by performing his one-man show, “A Tribute to Jerry Lewis” to retirement communities and long-term care homes across Ontario.

He has since gone on to perform internationally on stages across North America with the hit musical-comedy-concert, "Dean & Jerry: What Might Have Been". Nicholas has a growing following on TikTok (60k) where he produces mini-documentaries on showbiz history. With his training in film, Nicholas has directed two feature films and made numerous shorts. His writings have been published in numerous online magazines and journals.

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