Understanding Customer Expectations


55 minutes


up to 100

customer service, culture, target markets

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In today’s market, service expectations of businesses are not just compared to those of competitors, but against all companies a customer does business with.

This seminar focuses on how to embrace experiences and gives industry specific recommendations on how to exceed expectations most efficiently.

Who is the Experience for?

This experience is designed for emerging leaders as well as established leaders who need insight and support on how to lead teams virtually while ensuring productivity and support for the already strained staff members. 

Leaders are no longer just a source of authority and direction, but inspiration! Participants can expect to enhance their leadership skills for leading in a virtual environment without micro-managing or any loss of control.

Experience Details:

In this 55-minute program, you will learn to manage customer expectations more proactively in three stages; science, practice, and identity. Learn successful approaches to exceeding those expectations again and again!

Beginning with defining the issue and solution using case examples and analytics, this session continues by offering a guide on guaranteeing satisfaction in today’s market, and finishes with specific best practice suggestions that are tailored to your team and designed to wow your customers.

Set expectations with internal and external customers by applying techniques for de-personalizing, empathizing, clarifying, framing and summarizing. Communicate effectively to enhance your customer relationships during disruptive times.

As you build your reputation as a company that always delivers, you’ll become an organization that makes customers want to come back! After this course, you’ll enjoy success with loyal customer base that takes you straight to the top!

hosted by, Adib Shadid

A Professor of Hospitality and Tourism at Toronto School of Management, Adib's career experiences have seen him lead global quality-enhancement projects at Kempinski’s offices in Geneva, the launch of the famous Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C., and operationally with Four Season Hotels and Resorts.

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