The Science of Adult Learning


60 minutes


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learning methods, instruction technique, pedagogy

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Explore the foundations of learning and training development and technical writing. Help your organization to learn smart!

This Experience covers concepts like adult learning pedagogy and training development methods, such as development and design models like ADDIE. It aims to help all leaders and teams with training needs improve their understanding of the science of learning, its practical application, communications, and instructional initiatives.

Teams with training and development needs would benefit greatly from the concepts covered in this keynote speaker experience.

Who is the Experience for?

This Experience is designed to support new leaders looking to lead meaningful change within their groups. Whether your department is taking a new direction, and you're hoping to communicate the bigger pictuire - or you've suddenly shifted to new hybrid work methods - or you're looking to avoid "shelfing" a new software or system - this experience is just what you need to help you get your people on board!

hosted by, Vince Brophy, BA, MFA

Vince is a technical and creative writer, training developer, and communications and writing instructor based in Calgary, Alberta. He has taught communications and writing at Red Deer College and the University of Calgary and also develops and delivers entertaining training for corporate and government audiences. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, and a Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting and has presented his creative and academic work at two conferences. Vince has also pitched several stories at the Banff World Media Festival and has workshopped two stories with film and animation studios in Toronto.

“I'm a facilitator and not a dictator -- first and foremost. I thrive with a discussion-based format, and I enjoy the conversation and sharing of stories and humour.”

Vince has been teaching and creating and delivering team experiences since 2017, and has been writing and presenting since the early 2000s. Outside of work, Vince enjoys carpentry, automotives, music, and writing creatively for personal growth, and occasionally gets involved with the arts in the city—and beyond.

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