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Improv, sketch comedy, real skills

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Basic improv exercises are all about being in the moment, listening, supporting each other and having a great time!

It's no wonder improv workshops have become synonymous with team building.

Join Terry for 60 minutes of laugh out loud fun as you examine new strategies that assist with collaboration, communication and teamwork.

Improv will teach you how to be more collaborative in everything you do… and being open to other people ideas will lead you to being more creative. It also teaches you how to be less judgmental of your own thoughts, which can help creativity flow as well.

In this Experience:

1. You will play games, do exercises and maybe even scenes

2. You will be asked to be silly

3. You don’t have to be funny

4. You will have fun

hosted by, Terry Withers

Terry Withers had been a sales professional for more than a decade when he first tried improv. Then he noticed: his sales were improving. He had become a better listener, better at establishing rapport, better at reaching agreement.

This inspired him to launch his second career as an improv teacher and performer at New York City’s Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre. Combining his passion for improv with his professional acumen, he built and led UCB Theatre's highly successful sales team. He has since worked for major corporations leading improv-based professional development workshops and events.

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