Redefining AI (Amplified Impact) in the Workplace through Diversity and Inclusion


60 minutes



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Help your organizations to foster an environment that allows individuals to bring their authentic selves to work. When everyone feels supported, teams thrive and make more meaningful contributions at every opportunity!

This virtual experience will provide an inspiring session on how diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace creates strong feelings of safety and welcome.

Dr. Anya McLaren-Barnett is a medical doctor, award-winning researcher, educator, storyteller, and trailblazer. Through storytelling, Dr. Anya will share her experiences as a physician in her captivating keynote speech: Redefining AI (Amplified Impact).

In her address, Dr. Anya challenges her audience to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment. She provides actionable takeaways on how to build a culture of belonging. It is in this culture of belonging that individuals become committed, engaged, and truly thrive. More importantly, it is here that amplified impact is made.

hosted by, Dr. Anya McLaren-Barnett

Dr. Anya McLaren-Barnett is a medical doctor, award-winning researcher, educator, storyteller, and trailblazer. She entered medical school in a class of over 200 as one of the two international and eight black students.

Despite being discouraged from pursuing medicine, she went on to complete her medical degree, specialty, and subspecialty training in Ontario. Currently, she is the only black female physician in her area of expertise in Canada.

Dr. Anya has been invited to speak both nationally and internationally on topics in her medical field. She has been a panelist at the Women of Colour STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Conference and Aspiring Black Medical Student Conferences in Ontario. Dr. Anya resides in Ontario with her husband and two sons.

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