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My Dog, My Healer

My Dog, My Healer

furry friends, stress reduction, quality of life.

60 minutes

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More About This Virtual Event

This virtual event is specifically designed to promote fun with our furry friends!

It’s perfect for team bonding, and getting to know each other’s four-legged, winged, or scaled family members :)

An experience of pure and infinite love... a healing session for you, your team, and your beloved pups—truly lovable! No prior experience is needed; simply bring your dog and a mat!

This experience offers a perfect team-building activity to learn how to give a therapeutic massage to your four-legged friends, practice mindfulness, have fun, and discover a unique way to relax and bond with your furry babies. Not to mention the numerous benefits that this therapeutic massage will generate for our furry friends. Your employees will be captivated and even more enamored with your company than ever before.

I have designed this exceptional and joyful session for teams, organizations, and enterprises to help foster a healthy and positive organizational environment.

The experience includes:

- Contraindications, indications, and benefits of therapeutic massage

- Guidelines for performing a successful massage

- Four techniques for body manipulation along with their respective benefits

- Comprehensive therapeutic massage session

- Bonus! Relaxing and super fun dog face massage!!

Immediate benefits for your team:

- Stress reduction

- Joyful experiences

- Deep and boundless love (release of oxytocin)

- Mindfulness practice

Benefits for your furry team:

By the end of this experience, your employees will have learned how to give a therapeutic massage to their beloved furry companions. This knowledge will also help them understand their dogs' bodies, detect anomalies, improve their quality of life, and strengthen the bond between them. Through this massage, the entire organism of the dogs will be stimulated in a holistic manner, not just in the specific area where the massage is applied. It will activate the skin, muscles, nervous system, brain, circulatory system, and other organic functions.

Extended Description:

a. The experience begins with a warm welcome and introduction, including the owner and their four-legged friend. We explore the dog's personality and listen to anecdotes or stories. This serves as an icebreaker, fostering communication within the group. Dog owners take great pride in their furry companions, so it's important to start on a common and enjoyable note.

b. Afterward, I provide information about the organization of the experience, setting clear expectations and encouraging them to ask any questions they may have.

c. Next, we quickly review three slides containing valuable information: 1. contraindications, 2. indications, and 3. benefits. Practical application takes precedence over theory.

d. Following that, I offer tips to enhance their enjoyment of the massage session while prioritizing safety. This applies not only during the experience but also at home. Since we are working with living beings, it is essential to adhere to certain rules.

e. Moving on, I teach them four techniques comprising this therapeutic massage. They learn proper tissue manipulation and the specific benefits we aim to achieve. To ensure clarity, I use two cameras: one facing the front for the introduction and conclusion, and an overhead camera for the practical segment. While guiding them through the techniques, I observe their manipulations, provide guidance, and offer suggestions. Additionally, I share tips on gauging the pet's comfort during the massage and provide insights for a successful therapy session.

f. In the final 25 minutes, accompanied by a soothing mantra, we perform the therapeutic massage from start to finish on their furry friends. This incorporates the knowledge they have acquired, such as safety precautions, maintaining a balanced and content state of consciousness, correct manipulation techniques, rhythm, and intensity. During this phase, I act as their guide, encouraging open communication between owner and pet, as well as facilitating the owner's mindfulness practice. As an extra treat, I include a relaxing face massage, which has proven to be a significant milestone, as everyone adores seeing a happy and completely relaxed pup's expression. We capture a screenshot as a delightful memento of our experience.

g. At the conclusion of the massage session, we take a moment for owners and pets to cuddle and share a heartfelt connection—a time to express love. I also pose some feedback questions to ensure there are no lingering uncertainties.

h. To conclude the experience, I extend my wishes for a long, healthy, and joyous life with their furry friends, emphasizing the importance of treasuring each moment. After all, our journeys progress at different paces.

*Although this massage is perfectly safe for home practice, we kindly ask you to consider the following contraindications. We strongly recommend consulting with your veterinarian before proceeding:

  • Fever

  • State of shock

  • Acute local inflammation

  • Any sick or lame dog that has not been examined by a veterinarian or has an undiagnosed abnormality

  • Local or general infection

  • Any skin problem (open wound, decubitus ulcer, burn, rashes, fungus, etc.)

  • Tumor

  • Bleeding disorders

  • Unrepaired fractures or fissures

  • Diarrhea or colic

  • Arterial or venous thrombosis, phlebitis 

  • Caution in cases of heart, liver, or kidney disease

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Marcela Torres

Hi, I'm Marcela Torres, a certified canine massage therapist. I live in Mexico City, and my dharma is to improve dogs’ lives and help people who have this same purpose. That's why I'm thrilled to offer this experience, allowing dog lovers to learn how to provide their furry friends with therapeutic massages that offer holistic benefits for both dogs and their owners.

A few years ago, my life took a significant turn when my black Labrador, Tyson, was diagnosed with a cervical disc herniation and endured constant pain. Prior to that, I worked as a psychologist, cultural promoter, and educator. However, Tyson became my ultimate teacher, guiding me to discover my true path… to be a healer.

Since then, I've specialized in dog physiotherapy, with a particular focus on teaching and promoting massage as it serves as the fundamental and accessible form of physiotherapy for everyone. The massage techniques I teach have been developed by international veterinary experts and canine physiotherapists.

My Dog, My Healer
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