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Sales is continuously evolving. Thus, every generation adapts and expands the selling approaches.

In the present new world, millennials have embraced modern methods to boost creativity by incorporating both traditional and modern sales techniques into a process.

Traditional selling techniques relies on human experience, which is necessary, while modern techniques incorporate automation to increase efficiency, speed to lead and time savings.

The human psychology has advanced and has become easier to understand. Sales psychology is now of utmost importance as it works on selling according to customer need through the emphasis on their emotions.

Who is this Experience for?

The training course is intended for beginners with little or no previous work experience in sales, that need to learn the new techniques. It is simple and easy to comprehend, lectured in English by our consultant, Edward Chaaya, a qualified trainer on sales & integrated marketing communications who has been conducting sales training for the past 24 years within the service industry.

Edward has been very active in training according to international standards and was able to develop many talents and train various individuals who have succeeded in this field within a short period.

Experience Details:

Our course will enable the participants to:

  • Fully understand the modern sales techniques and selling approaches.

  • Be able to conduct professional sales calls/ visits that will bring great results.

  • Be able to succeed in job interviews.

  • General knowledge of our new world, time management, habits and the psychology in Sales & Marketing.

  • Knowledge of knowing the competition, negotiations and pricing and other related sales issues.

  • The course includes multi references including videos, texts and books on self development.

This will be very beneficial for fresh graduates as it will qualify them to develop their career on fast track, compared to other departments in our industry.

It has been observed that some of the new sales representatives and new graduates with no previous experience are not motivated and settling for jobs without much of a career path. 

Our training will enable those individuals and other beginners to establish a better career path and feel more motivated as their techniques and skills develop.

hosted by, Edward Chaaya

Edward Chaaya has recently retired from his long standing career as Hotel General Manager within five Global Hotels brands. His six local & international awards were achieved mainly due to his active engagement in Sales, Marketing & Communications, in addition to his ability to train and develop many graduates & talents from the local community in the field of sales & communications.

Edward’s sales training is customized to the market that is applicable to the local environment. Edward’s style is best described as; ‘streamline the industry's best practices in easy to understand methods’.

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Our Experience Coordinators provide the following for ALL bookings:

  • Support with planning, customizations and invitations

  • Real-time virtual support to optimize audio and video

  • Customized posters (to help build hype internally!)

  • Simple joining and preparation instructions

  • A full recording of the experience

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