Mindful Goal Setting: Health and Success


60 minutes


up to 50

goals, proactive, mindset, thrive

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This virtual experience aims to captivate the audience and introduce participants to a different mindset and a new approach to life.

Participants will learn to set healthy goals and find ways to remain motivated and consistent in their everyday life. With the guidance of professional athlete, they will also learn high performance tips and tools for success to create proactive health patterns.

Matthew will share his experiences, both, in his athletic career and personal life, that taught him the valuable of mindful goal setting and the benefits gain from such.

It’s a fantastic way to give yourself and your team a wholesome experience that will impact your life tremendously. Get innovative ideas on how to create life changing goals that will help you thrive and become the best version of yourself.

hosted by, Matthew Amarone

Matthew is a professional soccer player of the Canadian Premier League. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University, as well as an Applied Specialization in Mindfulness Meditation from the University of Toronto.

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a star player for team Canada, Matthew’s career has taken him all over the world. Today, his motivations include sharing his knowledge on new platforms and to new audiences. Ultimately, his passions lye in unlocking the true scope of individual potential!

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