Mental Health in the Workplace


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Get help and support with employability skills building, communication training, and life skills all of   which can progress our pursuit of work and life goals!

Potential employers are often misinformed or uninformed where mental health and physical challenges are present in candidates who could be exceptional and dedicated staff. The goal of this keynote is to help people break the cycle of perpetuated misinformation and learn about truth.

Who is this experience for?

This experience is for employers and employees surrounding mental health conditions.

This Experience  focuses on learning to work with our skills and abilities rather than fighting to become something we were not designed to be.

Participants can expect to become more comfortable in their conversations regarding normal human   challenges that have been mislabeled as “disabilities” and/or “barriers”.

This keynote will help those who have been labeled as such, help them break the trend, and help them   join the corporate world — full of contributing and capable humans.

hosted by, Kim Lacoursière

As an Adult Educator, parent of an Adult with Autism, and a volunteer in her community, Kim has worked with and helped hundreds of adults find their way through the quagmire of life and work.

Many adults have come to Kim for support with adults who are marginalized, under or unemployed, battling mental health and/or physical disabilities. One requires knowledge and understanding of the real and perceived barriers they are faced with daily.

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