Latin Funk Dance & Spanish Class


60 minutes


up to 30

energize, inspire, funky groove

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For your next team builder, do something creative! Get your groups together for something they’ve likely NEVER heard of, or known was possible!

Learn fun and easy Latin dance moves with basic conversational Spanish together in a high energy Latin dance/Spanish mix experience.

Participants will learn basic Spanish words and phrases while dancing, easy fun Latin Funk moves. Latin Funk Dance is Gustavo’s own trademark program that mixes 8 Latin dance styles with a splash of Funky groove!

Two left feet? No problem - this experience is for everyone! After the show, you’ll be able to use basic Latin dance moves anywhere!

There’s no boring Spanish lesson here! Let’s have fun dancing, moving, and learning about Latin culture and language!

This experience will leave you energized, inspired, happy and speaking in Spanish! Participants can expect to be the most popular person at their next party!! Que bueno!!

hosted by, Gustavo Ferman

Gustavo is a professional dancer, choreographer, dance coach, entertainer, actor, speaker and stage director with over 30 years dance and entertainment experience. He was born in EL Salvador, CA and moved to San Francisco when he was 15 years old.

Gustavo studied Performing Arts in San Francisco and then moved to Calgary, Alberta where he continued his studies in dance and musical theater. He then moved to Vancouver, BC where he created his own trademark dance style called "Latin Funk Dance". A mix of 8 Latin styles with a splash of funky groove. Latin Funk Dance became internationally known through his own TV dance show and DVD sales in Canada, USA, And Europe.

Gustavo has been featured in various TV shows, newspaper articles, TV commercials, magazines, and radio shows. Gustavo love to inspire, entertain, and educate people of all ages. Life is a Fiesta!

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