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Overcoming Adversity through the lens of Diversity & Inclusion

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Steak and Shrimp Tacos

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Masquerade & Murder: The Ghosts of Our Past

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Wine Journeys: A Wine Tasting Experience

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Project Avatar: Virtual Escape Room 20

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Theater of the Mind

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Jingle Ball 2022

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180 minutes

up to 100


All Events Include

Your Designated Event Planner

Use of award-winning virtual space for entire day of booked event

Customized information posters for internal communication of upcoming event

Integrated Calendar Invitations

Real-time virtual support to optimize audio and video


GoLocal Virtual Events

Prepared party created by Go Local Virtual Events

Planning a Holiday Party? Say NO to boring Zoom events.

Memorable activities, extraordinary hosts and innovative conferencing software come together to create memories that will keep your teams engaged, entertained, and social!

This year, give your team A Go Local Virtual Holiday Event!


More About Experience

Whether it’s calm outside or frightful,

this virtual holiday party is sure to be delightful!

And while we, at Go Local, may be getting low on stanzas,

Make no mistake, this last one’s an extravaganza!

You’ll start with a cocktail, or maybe six,

cuz our cocktail recipes will have you ready to mix!

And when the nogs are spiked, you may start to get a little hungry,

So we’ll share a meal together, even if you’re not in the same country!

When your bellies are full and Merry, and this whole experience is no longer ‘new’, the Murder at the Ugly Sweater Office Holiday Party begins to bring out the social butterfly in you!

After the game, and having worked up a sweat,

We welcome The Holiday Herald, a comedy show unlike anything you’ve ever seen… yet.

With so much going on, you may start to wonder, has everyone forgotten about Santa! “This is outrageous”, you may say, “What a propaganda”

But make no mistake, Old Chris Cringle is closer than you think. Perhaps even within an inch!

Invite your kids to come and make a wish, being nice all year has also earned them some photos with the Grinch!

Sequence of Events:

1. Introduction (10 minutes)

· Participants are introduced to the Virtual Venue! All Experiences occur on the Main Stages, while innovative lounge spaces are opened for teams to mingle as they please before, and in between, events.

2. Chef with Beth (40 minutes)

· Hosted by Chef Marianne Pinellis, Owner of Chef with Beth Catering Company

· Live from the Chef’s kitchen to yours. Laugh and socialize while your group begins with a holiday themed mixology demonstration.

· The chef leaves some time for participants to share some cheers. Then all come back to prepare a delicious holiday themed side dish together!

· A highly social and interactive experience that will leave your party guests talking about their new flex hosting skills :)

· Various options to choose from for holiday themed cocktails and side dishes.

· Ingredients/Equipment list sent ahead of time.

· A highly social and interactive experience that will leave your party guests talking about their new flex hosting skills :)

· Various options to choose from for holiday themed cocktails.

· Ingredients/Equipment list sent ahead of time.

3. Interim Social (20 minutes)

· 20 minutes in Virtual Venue With Santa Kerry and the Funny Grinch to chat and mingle.

4. Murder at the Holiday Office Christmas Party (40 minutes)

· Hosted by Eric Hinch (Game Master, Just for Laughs, Theater of the Mind)

· In this holiday themed virtual Murder Mystery, y”our team will be transported to Tasty-Ful Design Company’s holiday office party. Each player will have a script and a role to play. The goal: find the killer.

· Participants are asked to interrogate suspects in real-time and cross-examining their alibis with over 3 rounds of live interaction. Finally, participants will submit their best guess for the Murderer.

· Who will be proven innocent? Who will be found guilty? Will the murderer be brought to justice? Only you can decide!

· Throw in an ugly sweater competition for an alternate prize category!

5. Interim Social (20 minutes)

· 20 minutes in Virtual Venue With Santa Kerry and the Funny Grinch to chat and mingle.

6. The Holiday Herald: A Comedy Show (30 minutes)

· Hosted by Christophe Davidson, Comedian (Just for Laughs, Winnipeg comedy Festival, Yuk Yuks, Absolute comedy, The Comedy Nest)

· A master crowd-worker, Christophe is well known for his storytelling comedy and bringing the audience into the punchlines of his jokes! Themes, jokes, and effects will all give you that sweet taste of the holidays and get you feeling warm and jolly!

· An interactive experience that breaks the routine of a stagnant comedy show, and gets the audience to really engage with each other!

7. Santa Kerry and the Funny Grinch (20 minutes)

· Hosted by Santa Kerry Burns

· Complete with interactive Christmas tree and other decorations, this Santa visit is sure to send candy cane waves across your company!

· Invite participants to bring their kids, take photos, and make memories!

· Kerry Burns (aka Santa Kerry and the Funny Grinch) is here to provide opportunities for shared holiday experiences and play. Relive and share childhood memories!

8. Thank You and Farewell

· A Warm Thank You from our local hosts before bidding your group farewell.

· Virtual Venue remains available to your group for the remainder of the day!

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Make Your Event Pop!

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