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Inside leadership and Teamwork

Inside leadership and Teamwork

military, storytelling, emotional

60 minutes

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More About This Virtual Event

This experience will help your organization better understand what a team is, what their roles are, and how they all interact to become greater than the sum of the its parts.

Management and Beaurocracy, first coined by Max Weber and Henri Fayol in the early days of industrialization, formed the basis to understanding organizational leadership today, and were inherently based in how the military was able to build systems of teamwork and direction.

Concepts of Leadership and Authority, discussed in this experience draw on parallels between real and perceived leader expectations, roles and ownership of responsibility.

Who is this Experience For?

Leadership training at all levels can create a culture of high performance that's built to last.  Regardless of role, the following skills and characteristics of great leaders can be developed with proper leadership training:

  • Vision: Business now changes faster than ever. Being able to understand the current positioning and have a vision for what the organization should be moving toward is critical for leadership roles. This is an explicit role for the CEO and other executives but can also be a valuable skill for individual contributors if the company culture fosters free thinking.

  • Communication: Having vision won’t be very useful if leaders can’t communicate it to those on the journey. Being able to clearly explain thoughts and feelings with key stakeholders can keep the business aligned toward its ultimate goals.

  • Making Tough, Definitive Choices: Not every choice will be the right one, but leaders are capable of making tough decisions and committing to them. Even if the choice requires some sort of self-sacrifice, good leaders will make decisions that contribute to the greater good of the vision.

  • Humility: While confidence is important, it’s arguably more important for leaders to remain humble in their roles. People find it easier to follow humble leaders who can take criticism and recognize when they’ve made a wrong decision.

  • Challenging the Status Quo: Leaders must be able to identify when change is needed, making dynamic changes to the company vision and understanding the line between good risks and bad.

Experience Details:

The Experience begins with some general greetings then moves into a short biography of Steve's experience enlisting in the army at 19. The fears, the uncomfortableness and lack of a sense of belonging that everyone can relate to when starting a new job… times 10.

The transitions individuals progress thorugh within the military is not unlike transitions we go through in professional settings. The security we feel in our teams and squads, is also not unique to the military, and finally, the leadership we witness and value is not unique to military activity.

This experience fosters multiple group discussions of good and bad experiences and Steve is able to engage the group throughout to highlight the points he’s making regarding the parallels between real and perceived leadership.

The Experience ends with a general discussion on how the exciting experiences that we see in action in real combat relates to each and every participant, because parallels can always be drawn from the roots of conflict, both internal and external.

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Steve Mercer, CD

Steve Mercer, CD, served in the Canadian Forces for 20 years in a variety of roles within many teams. He’s been part of teams in various capacities, and had the opportunity to lead his own platoon.

“I’ve learned from some of the best and worst leaders during that time and beyond when I retired in 2010. I offer unique insight into the leadership role that many people could benefit from in today’s business world.”

Steve has a background in leadership within high stress environments, both military and otherwise. His experience features some of the best and worst leadership practices through entertaining and personal stories of experiences from both inside and outside of the military.

Inside leadership and Teamwork
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