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Get Creative with Interactive Street Art

Get Creative with Interactive Street Art

Culture, Artwork, Storytelling

60 minutes

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More About This Virtual Event

An unforgettable storytelling adventure that’s filled with music, culture, art & love!

Take a break from your WFH routine with this creative e-party & get enchanted when we delve into subjective interpretations of the breath-taking street art!

Let us take you to our colorful neighborhood, a hidden gem in the cosmopolitan city of Delhi. This visually rich treat will make you experience how colors arouse ideas, change emotions & influence our souls.

Some of the murals are extremely profound, witty, sarcastic & scenic.

How it Works

Part 1

A virtual e-walk around the lanes & murals discussing what we see & what the artists see in these murals, and of course, my stories & experiences of how I discovered these artworks. Murals include a secret passage, a wall of life & death, Indian flea market, a feminist wall & many more.

Part 2

Graffiti scene in Delhi – insider access into an abandoned factory where the walls have so much to narrate. Get creative and decode them with us!

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Keshav, from Fun and Joy Rides

Meet the young passionate street art admirers from New Delhi, India. Keshav is a full-time accountant by profession but also an avid traveler, explorer & storyteller by passion. His co-host Aditi is a resident of the art colony & also the one who introduced Keshav to the infinite stories and meanings of these art spaces on the walls.

Aditi is a happy-to-go-lucky radio professional who is an avid art collector too. She loves to explore street art to find the representation of life, nature & society in them as done by artists. They bring their own perspectives when they host this experience & have been speaking to artists on short walks to understand what goes inside an artist's mind when they paint. They spend time spotting new murals on weekends!

Get Creative with Interactive Street Art
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