Drinking & Dragons


90 minutes


up to 50

imagination, creativity, storytelling

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Imagine if there was an interactive experience you could book that made you a legendary party planning hero?

Quench your thirst for adventure with this team based role playing game inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. Rolls of the dice and Role Playing determine your hero's actions and fate!

Your host, Eric The Bald, uses multimedia and improv comedy to create a story with unique challenges and hilarious situations. Both inexperienced AND veteran players will enjoy this unique twist on the classic Table Top Role Playing Game.

DRINKING AND DRAGONS, the ultimate live adventure game inspired by Dungeons & Dragons (TM)...

Dangerous quests, battles with mighty beasts, rolling dice for luck and success- all without leaving your chairs!

Each team controls a hero in a tale filled with swords and sorcery.

The Story: The hero's awake from a night of wild drinking and have trouble piecing together their actions from the night before.

hosted by, Eric the Bald

Your host, Eric The Bald, is a Master Storyteller who uses multi-media effects to immerse everyone in the action, drama and hilarious comedy.

Players will feel like main characters in a movie sharing epic experiences together in a faraway land.

Quench your thirst for adventure and raise your glasses to victory, sign up for Drinking and Dragons today! With theatrical style and unique comedic flare, Eric will captivate players for hours!

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