Death & Taxes


60 minutes


up to 30

murder mystery, funny, accountants

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Role play and work together as a team in this murder mystery!

In this   murder mystery, your team will be transported to the scene of the crime at a tax accounting firm! Each player is given a script and a role to play. The goal: find the killer.

It’s Tax Day at R&H Cube – their biggest day of the year! In the town of Skirmish, PA, folks aren’t too trusting of the digital age. So, R&H Cube, a paper-based tax accounting firm, is packed with customers with a line all the way down the block! They’re the only paper-based option in town, so it’s all   staff on deck. This includes Jimmy Halbert, Pom Steely, and Dwayne Flute (Assistant to the Regional Manager).

Every Tax Day, R&H Cube throws a huge party to recognize the team’s hard work. This year is no different, and Fiona Vee from Accounting has used every bit of the budget (and then some) to ensure this night goes out with a bang! Unfortunately, it seems that Fiona herself was the one to go out with a bang.

Who killed Fiona in the conference room, and why? Did Fiona push one of the party planning committee members too far? Did she eat someone else’s lunch one too many times? 

Was she a spy, sent here by corporate…? or was it—YOU?

hosted by, Dylan Gott

Dylan Gott is a stand-up comedian that has performed in 21 countries across the globe, been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award, appeared on Comedy Central and Viceland UK and had his own televised special on iChannel called No Kidding and hosted his own radio show on SiriusXM Radio 'The Sport Brahs'.

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