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Chopped is a fast-paced cooking competition where chefs must create dishes using a set of mystery ingredients. 

Each round is themed, consisting of appetizers, entrees, or desserts. Contestants must use all the ingredients in the dish. When time is up, a panel of judges try the meals and eliminate the weakest entry.

Experience Details:

To play Chopped virtually, contestants are sent a list of up to 8 basic ingredients they need to collect before the show. At the start of the experience, the Chef will announce a key ingredient (from the list) that must be the most featured, along with another twist requirement for each player to work with.

Then, contestants are given 15 to 30 minutes to assemble the dishes. Attendees should remain on camera while cooking. The Chef will provide running commentary, observe players, and answer culinary questions as participants make their dish.

Judges must be selected from your group and 3 judges are recommended. These players will not be cooking, they cannot taste the dishes remotely, however, they can rate the concoctions based on appearance, cooking skill, and creativity. They’ll join the chef in running banter and commentary as the players make their dishes!

hosted by, Chef Marianne Pinellis

Chef Marianne has a rich background in Executive cuisine with Leading Luxury Hotel Brands! She’s also very passionate about supporting local products and farmers and operates her very own Catering Business called Chef with Beth, based in Toronto.

Her culinary experiences are loaded with energy, laughs, and expert tips that you’ll keep for a lifetime. Let your teams witness the cultural strength of eating together!

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