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Switching over from Slack, Zoom,or Webex? Been using Microsoft Teams blindly for a while and can’t seem to get things aligned? Make it easy on your people with this concise and highly effective Microsoft Teams’ tutorial.

Vince Brophy explores the Microsoft Teams communication and file-sharing platform and teaches you to use Teams as it was originally intended. You’ll discover how Microsoft Teams is integrated within your organization, walk through navigating the Teams' user interface, touch on its powerful features, and discuss best practices and how your team and organization can benefit from Microsoft Teams.

Whether your organization is new to Microsoft Teams or has been using it rather chaotically for a while, this seminar is sure to enlighten, entertain, and enhance your Teams’ experience. Don’t let your organization’s productivity get bogged down — learn how to get the most out ofMicrosoft Teams today!

A seasoned remote worker and Teams user, himself, Vince has over ten years of experience working as a technical writer, training developer, and communications instructor. He was first introduced to Microsoft Teams in early 2019 when WestJet rolled out the platform. 

Vince helped develop and deliver the training for WestJet's Modern Office initiative as part of a stellar team that helped employees get up to speed with the powerful communication and file-sharingtechnology. The prudent and early adoption of Teams helped WestJet make the transition to the remote workforce early and prior to the COVID outbreak. Since then, Vince has made many observations with regards to constructive and non-constructive usage and has developed proven best practices based on his own experiences and research.

hosted by, Vince Brophy, BA, MFA

Vince is a technical and creative writer, training developer, and communications and writing instructor based in Calgary, Alberta. He has taught communications and writing at Red Deer College and the University of Calgary and also develops and delivers entertaining training for corporate and government audiences. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, and an Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting and has presented his creative and academic work at two conferences. Vince has also pitched several stories at the Banff World Media Festival and has workshopped two stories with film and animation studios in Toronto.

“I'm a facilitator and not a dictator -- first and foremost. I thrive with a discussion-based format, and I enjoy the conversation and sharing of stories and humour.”

Vince has been teaching and creating and delivering team experiences since 2017, and has been writing and presenting since the early 2000s. Outside of work, Vince enjoys carpentry, automotives, music, and writing creatively for personal growth, and occasionally gets involved with the arts in the city—and beyond.

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