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Ad Libz: Improv Games

Ad Libz: Improv Games

Improv, game series, funny

60 minutes

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More About This Virtual Event

Improv skills are life skills, and work skills. 

Whether on your own, or with family, colleagues, or friends, tiptoe out of your comfort zone as you learn some of the tools of the improviser, skills like storytelling, active listening, building on other's ideas, and the art of co-creation. 

Our itinerary will be a line-up of 6 to 8 facilitated activities which focus on fun, playful, interaction.

Typical game flow:

1.Scavenger Hunt

2.Three Things in Common exercise

3.Word at a Time Story Improvised Slideshow

4.True Story Sharing games 

5.Shared Fake Memory (a Yes, And... game)

6.Faux-ga (A playful fake-yoga activity) 

7.Six Word Story Debrief (using the chat) 

We will meet online as a large group, then break into pairs using breakout rooms. 

We will have fun together. Each playful improv activity offers a chance to reflect and synthesize how the experiences connect to our lives and teams. 

If you need a laugh, want to meet others in a time of self-isolation, or just want to explore what improv is all about, then please join us to seek and share in this journey of connection and transformation. 

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Corey Rosen

I am considered a master storyteller and improv coach.
I host "The Moth" StorySlam in San Francisco. I've been a company improv player at BATS Improv since 2004. My book, "Your Story, Well Told," was the #1 new release for Public Speaking Reference on Amazon when released (March 30, 2021).
I love bringing teams of people together through playful exercises that allow us to connect as people through our stories. Applied Improvisation is taught to businesspeople worldwide to improve their communication, collaboration, storytelling, presentation, and active listening skills - and it's really the most fun way to learn.
I have a degree from Northwestern University and credits on dozens of movies as a VFX Artist as well. I live in San Francisco with my wife (also an improvisor and teaching artist for young children) and 2 teenage kids.

Ad Libz: Improv Games
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